Aramith Red and Yellow


Aramith Red & Yellow

Aramith premier 2 inch UK / Ireland pool ball White ball 1 7/8” set

This set of pool balls is a Premier set from Aramith. Produced in Belgium by the Worlds finest ball manufacturers, ensure this high quality set will provide hours of quality pool.


Aramith balls are harder wearing than regular pool balls. They will therefore chip less, de-colour slower, and are twice as scratch resistant when compared to normal cheaper balls. If you are looking for a long-lasting professional white ball option, then this is the ball for you. The reason Aramith balls are deemed to be the best is because the balls are made with a Phenolic Resin, because they are made out of this resin, the balls will last much longer than regular ball and it also helps to prevent damaged and burn spots on the ball. The phenolic resin seals in and protects the high gloss finish on the balls making them look better and last longer.

These Aramith Pool Balls come complete with 7 yellow balls, 7 red balls, a black 8 ball and a cue ball.

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